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James Avery Charms

James Avery charms are among the most popular brands for jewelry. The company was founded in 1954 by a former World War II pilot and hardworking man that found inspiration in the people while still at service and started crafting charms at hand. His commitment to his religion gave him the strength to go into business and therefore much of the James Avery jewelries are Christian symbols.

James Avery designs, manufactures, and retails original designs of fine high quality jewelry made of sterling silver, gold, and gemstones. Good taste and integrity accompanies their designs since their beginnings.

James Avery charms are a pleasure to wear and see. Their designs are functional and express all the work and dedication put on every piece to ensure a high quality result.

The designs are not something new and they have no intentions to reclaim such statement. They are the reflex of several cultures and how those cultures express their art. It’s not easy to define exactly the philosophy behind the designs but it is certainly expressed on the attributes and values you find in them. Every piece has to have a meaning and it’s made with a simple design and integrity and universality in mind. The company creates functional and expressive jewelry, showing all the dedication and skills put by their people.

James Avery Charms Designs

You can find over 1,000 designs on the brand. The products are sold on line or through more than forty stores owned by the company in the southern US. Also on Ebay you can find a lot of sellers for this fine jewelry and you can bid or directly purchase one new or used of these marvelous pieces.

James Avery charms can be found in many models and designs available for child, women, and teens. Religious designs are the most popular on the company with an extensive collection. You can find precious crosses or charms with various Christian designs on their online store. There are also a wide variety of styles such as numbers or sorority symbols, camping charms with distinctive icons, baby designs such as little shoes or feeding bottles, and so on.

When the company started all the designs were handmade and now not all of them are crafted by hand but they still have the same quality and distinction making them a wonderful gift for everyone to wear. Charms express a belief or a thinking that the person wearing it is trying to express and that’s why they are fabricated paying attention to all the details.

One of the characteristics of James Avery jewelry is that they are not very expensive. We have talked about the beautiful designs and philosophy of the company on them, but an important fact is that they are affordable to almost anyone. You can find a lot of these special pieces for less than $50. Having a precious handmade piece of jewelry is not expensive anymore.

If you are looking for a jewelry that can be bought within a family or that fits your personal budget, then James Avery is what you were looking for and I’m sure they will become a treasure to pass from generations with time. Whether you need a gift for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or an engagement ring, James Avery is the jewelry you will love.